Today, information- and telecommunication (IT) security, including the securing of infrastructure (routers, firewalls, servers) as well as useful password management for employees are prerequisite for commercial growth and stability.  

Attacks on complex IT structures, which have become daily occurrences in connection with the internet, are unfortunately part of today’s agenda.  

We offer individual consultation and security analysis as well as the preparation of security policies and –concepts, including support during the implementation.  

What are the alternative communication channels when for instance Voice Over IP technology replaces ISDN technology in the long term and the contractual annual average availability is reduced from 99.95 % to 98%? What is the impact on communication and redundancies? In the private as well as the commercial sector, failures are pre-programmed with these new technologies which, due to their protocols, are more error-prone than the “old” ISDN.  

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